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The Osprey Clinic was founded in March 2004, by Gina John.


The clinic provides complete musculoskeletal assessment, treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions, based on the holistic principles of Osteopathy and Pilates. Podiatry is also an important aspect of the assessment and management of the patient’s symptoms. Foot health, posture, gait and biomechanics are considered as an essential part of the assessment and recovery process.

Gina established The Osprey Clinic, following years of study, research and work experience following a debilitating injury as a dancer. She trained in ballet, jazz dance and figure skating since childhood, but following a spinal injury in her early 20s she was unable to continue this work. In fact, it was not until she embarked on Pilates training, some years after her injury when the first studio was established in London, that Gina was helped to make a full recovery.


It was unfortunate that conventional medicine had not provided a solution and Gina decided to pursue further education at The British School of Osteopathy (BSO). Here Gina discovered how and why the holistic approach with Pilates exercise had presented the key to recovery, where drugs and physiotherapy had failed. This knowledge has enabled Gina to provide solutions for her patients were perhaps other approaches have failed.


In an effort to fund her studies at BSO, Gina started work as a Pilates Instructor at The Princess Grace Hospital in the Harley Street area of London. There she worked closely with the Physiotherapy outpatients team, and under the supervision of the world renowned Consultant Neurological Spinal Surgeon, Mr Peter Hamlyn. This is where Gina gained a wealth of experience in working with post-operative patients as well as referrals from the hospital physiotherapists.


Gina graduated from The British School of Osteopathy, with a Bachelor of Osteopathy degree and was a prize winner in 2003, in Human Function & Dysfunction. This award was presented to her by HRH Princess Anne.


In addition to founding The Osprey Clinic, Gina was also keen to promote the benefits of complementary medicine for other performing artists, who perhaps were unable resolve their own injuries. Fortunately, an opportunity arose at the headquarters of The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine in Chancery Lane, London, where Gina established a dedicated clinic for dancers and musicians.


Gina has also worked with a wide variety of patients within a GP referral system as tutor at an NHS Health Trust’s Osteopathic Teaching Practice, in Haringey, London as well as teaching Structural Osteopathic Technique at the London School of Osteopathy.


In addition to her work with patients at The Osprey Clinic, Gina is committed to expanding awareness of a combined approach to musculoskeletal therapy, whereby both complementary and conventional medicine work side by side in providing the best possible health outcomes for patients. Consequently, Gina lectures at University College London bringing together her experience of dance training, injury and rehabilitation with her knowledge and experience of complementary therapy, on the Masters in Performing Arts Medicine.


Gina’s work has been featured in The Mail on Sunday, The Financial Times and she has been interviewed on the Jennie Carr Show, for Age UK’s, The Wireless radio programme. Gina also contributes health features for on-line lifestyle magazines.


Areas of particular interest and expertise include:

  • Hypermobility syndromes.
  • Exercise for the older person.
  • Scoliosis management - exercise and manual therapy.
  • Chronic conditions in injured dancers and musicians.
  • Pilates for rehabilitation.
  • Pilates for advanced fitness training and body conditioning.
  • Biomechanical evaluation.
  • Core stability.
  • Foot health and Orthotics.




“I have worked with Gina for over 10 years and find her rehabilitation

programmes a very useful tool when prescribing exercise to patients. They are clear,

concise and easy to follow. So, if you are a practitioner or patient you will find them of great benefit to you. Gina’s osteopathic understanding of how the body functions and why biomechanical problems arise, enable her to tailor her treatment and exercise techniques to the individual needs of the patient to achieve the best possible outcome.”


David Lintonbon, Registered Osteopath & Lecturer



“Over the last 10 years, I’ve referred my patients to The Osprey Clinic, when I need a competent practitioner

to help resolve my patients’ muscle and joint problems. Gina John, the principal Osteopath/Founder of the practice is highly professional and effective.

My patients appreciate her calm and considered approach, in helping to resolve their problems.

Gina has a good eye for evaluating and finding the solution my patients’

musculoskeletal problems – using her skills in Osteopathy, Podiatry and Pilates-Based exercise.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to my patients."


Dr. Ravi Dasan, General Practitioner & Consultant, University College Hospital

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