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Rehab and Fitness Classes


Studio Classes



Pilates is a fitness and body-wide conditioning method which strengthens the deep and superficial muscle groups. This science-based training method enables us to transform the body shape and tone by correcting posture and balancing muscles around our joints.

In so doing, it also provides a highly effective rehabilitation method following injury or surgery, when undertaken as private sessions with a trained therapist and taking into account the medical history.

An important element of Pilates is  abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strengthening. This works towards achieving core stability and correcting posture and joint problems.

You can keep in shape and avoid future back and joint problems with regular Pilates sessions.

A combination of strengthening and stretching exercises, of varying intensities, help to develop optimal muscle balance and tone the body. Mobility, coordination and balance are also improved by a wide variety of challenging exercises.

At The Osprey Clinic, Pilates is offered as matwork classes. These  include the use of free weights and stretch bands to strengthen and tone the arms, legs, shoulders, hips and buttocks.

Gym balls are used for intensive strength and endurance training, where appropriate.

Group sessions with a maximum of 6 per studio class, and  8 per Zoom class, ensure  a high level of  guidance and supervision, and  help you to achieve your goals swiftly.

Private Pilates classes enable you to achieve your goals quickly by more  frequent correction and by having sessions completely tailored to your individual requirements.

Pregnancy is an important time to keep fit and healthy. To enable your body to cope with the gradual changes in posture during pregnancy, gentle Yoga or Pilates-based exercise will be beneficial.

Following a private introductory session our instructor will help you to develop and modify your technique to adapt to the physical changes during pregnancy.

It is advisable to consider exercising only from the 17th week of pregnancy. Private sessions before the 17th week may be arranged if you have exercised regularly prior to your pregnancy.

Classes are taught by a pregnancy- qualified instructor, registered with Active IQ (Ofqual regulated) for Pre and Post-Natal Pilates programmes.



Manual Therapy  

& Massage


Osteopathic Assessment 

with Exercise Advice

Osteopathy provides a complete evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and exercise advice for a wide range of conditions affecting the spine, muscles and joints.

Osteopathy helps to regain the health of soft tissues  surrounding the joints, including the spine, using techniques such as:

  • Joint manipulation
  • Massage
  • Assisted stretching and Ultrasound.
  • Targeted exercise during acute phase and recovery.

We are located close to Central London in Swiss Cottage/Belsize Park, Hampstead area and receive referrals from the leading private hospital spinal and orthopaedic consultants and GPs.  However, similar to GPs, Osteopaths are also primary care practitioners and we are able to accept direct bookings from patients on a self-referral basis.

Many patients require additional help through the rehabilitation process, in order to make a full recovery from injury, chronic pain, surgery or illness. Your Osteopath will be able to provide gentle exercises as well as direct manual therapy in order to help with your recovery and on going self- management of your condition.

Osteopathy looks at the body holistically as it seeks to identify and treat the original cause of the condition as well as the resulting symptoms or injury.

Very often, the underliying cause has not been correctly identified through other consultations. This explains the patient's inability to make a full recovery from injury or manage chronic pain and loss of mobility.

For this reason, an Osteopath is able to provide treatment which is effective in the management of sports injuries,  debilitating strains, as well as chronic problems such as arthritis and postural problems.

Massage therapies, include Deep Tissue and Sports massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Oncology Massage as well as well-being treatments with aromatherapy.

Organic aromatherapy oils can be selected for body treatments.

Gift Vouchers are available on request for all clinic services.

By contacting our London -based clinic in the NW3 area, one of our Osteopaths will be happy to discuss your condition and suitability for treatment.

Easily accessible from Swiss Cottage, Regents Park, Finchley Road, Primrose Hill, Belsize Park and Hampstead area of London.

The Osprey Clinic was originally set up by Gina John in 2004,  at London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, 128 King Henry's Road, London NW3 3ST.

Podiatry  Services

Many bodywide symptoms result from a faulty pattern of walking, which stem from structural problems with the feet.

These may be easily resolved by wearing orthotics. The Osprey Clinic provides Prescription Orthotics. These are tailored inserts for the shoes.

Prescription Orthotics are fitted using the latest technology in 3D Optical Laser Scanning, to ensure the most  accurate assessment of your feet and orthotic manufacture.

Medical conditions such as Plantarfasciitis, Arthritis, Claw Toes, Bunions, Neuromas and Heel Spurs as well as calluses and toe nail problems may be helped with prescription orthotics.

“Over the last 10 years, I’ve referred my patients to The Osprey Clinic, when I need a competent practitioner

to help resolve my patients’ muscle and joint problems.

Gina John, the principal Osteopath/Founder of the practice is highly professional and effective.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to my patients."

Dr. Ravi Dasan, General Practitioner & Consultant, University College Hospital

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