Osteopathy & Massage


A means of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for painful conditions affecting the spine, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Many other approaches to musculoskeletal  problems purely address the symptoms, whereas Osteopathy seeks to identify and treat the underlying cause of the condition. Since most injuries and chronic pain conditions are linked to how the body functions as a whole, Osteopathic treatment commonly is of a more holistic nature. For example, treatment  to the neck and shoulder will be part of resolving symptoms in the arm or hands.

An initial consulation includes the following:

  • Orthopaedic Tests
  • Neurological  Tests
  • Biomechanical Analysis to determine postural or functional joint problems
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of the condition.

Treatment is tailored to the specific needs of the individual to help with pain management or to resolve the condition.

Osteopathic treatment may comprise:

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Massage
  • Assisted stretches
  • Joint and soft tissue manipulation
  • Ultrasound  and Laser Therapy may also be appropriate.

The treatment and management plan is discussed in advance with the patient to ensure that both patient and practitioner are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.

Osteopaths select treatment approaches, which are appropriate for the patient's tolerance levels and the type of condition. For this reason, Osteopaths do not perform  joint manipulations where Osteoporosis has been diagnosed, or is suspected. And, where there is a high level of  soft tissue inflammation, a gentle approach to treatment  is selected to ensure as much comfort as possible for the patient.

It is sometimes necessary to rule out other causes of musculoskeletal symptoms, and 

in such cases, patients are referred for further investigations, including X-ray, MRI and Blood Tests etc.

"As a keen and active multi-sportsman, I have had a variety of injuries over the years but wasn’t sure of the cause of my on-going neck and back issues, which often restricted my recovery.

Although other practitioners had given some temporary relief to my aches and pains, Gina John at The Osprey Clinic was able to quickly identify the underlying cause of my symptoms, provide a suitable course of treatments and even an adjustment to my footwear, to resolve them.  Importantly, she gave me specific Pilates-based exercise advice aimed at rebalancing my back and hip muscles, which have been instrumental in helping to manage the problem over the past 7 years.

Gina is a considerate practitioner, with a real understanding of how the body functions and why problems arise.  Her enthusiasm for trouble-shooting biomechanical problems and attention to detail sets her apart in her field."

   Tony Ward, General Manager, PUMA UK Ltd.

Our Osteopathic practice has been established since March 2004,  by Gina John, Registered Osteopath and Pilates Practitioner.

“I have been seeing Gina John at The Osprey Clinic, regularly for the last four years because of serious problems and pain with my back. I have found her an exceptional practitioner in that she combines a very detailed knowledge of how the body works, and the exercises that will make it work better, with a personality that inspires you to exercise seriously at home each day. I just wish I’d met her sooner.”

Diana Self , Belsize Park

Massage Therapy

Soft Tissue Massage

This is a gentle approach to massage, to improve blood circulation and to help reduce swelling. It can be applied to any areas of the body where pain or tension is felt for therapeutic results.

Deep Tissue Massage

When tendons, ligaments and postural muscles which insert close to the joint margin become excessively tight, they limit joint mobility and cause pain. Deep tissue massage helps to restore the correct range of motion and joint functioning. It therefore, helps with sporting performance and mobility in general. It can be applied to the spinal area, including the neck, as well as  all other areas of the body where joint restrictions and mobility issues are experienced.  Deep  Tissue  Massage is also effective in  helping to resolve  muscle strains where muscle fibres become contracted during the healing process.  It improves blood circulation deep within the muscle belly and helps the muscle to regain full functioning and efficiency. 

Sports Massage

Since muscles work  in a group, it is not uncommon for certain stronger muscles, such as the hip flexors and  biceps to overwork and cause muscle group imbalances.  Sports massage therapy, aims to improve muscle balance, with a combination of soft and deep tissue massage and often using the limbs as levers for resistance, inorder to rebalance the problematic area.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A relaxing but powerful cleansing therapy which effects the immune system, by removing metabolic waste and toxins from the circultory system. It is a gentle and flowing massage which is aimed at moving body fluids away from the skin and soft tissues for elimination via the circulatory system, lungs and kidneys.

The body’s Lymphatic System is responsible for carrying away fluid which is produced from the cellular activity of our organs and soft tissues, including the skin. It is necessary to remove waste products from the body 

(including excess hormones and drugs) to reduce swelling and boost tissue oxygenation. This may be necessary during a period of recovery and rehabilitation or due to certain medical conditions, in order for the natural healing process to ensue.

Manual Lymphatic drainage may therefore be recommended by your consultant as a means of improving fluid and blood circulation. It is used especially for the conditions listed below:

Before and after surgery, including cosmetic/aesthetic procedures (i.e. blepharoplasty, filler injection), facial maxillary surgery, sports injuries and surgery for hernias and mastectomy.

Swelling (Oedema) i.e. swollen ankles, legs including during pregnancy and puffy eyes.

Fluid Retention, including in Food Intolerances, IBS or Excess weight gain.

Skin Disorders including Acne and Rosacea

Headache, Migraines and Sinus Congestion

Fibromyalgia and Gout, easing chronic aches and pains as well as soft tissue swelling.

Chronic Fatigue including ME and Glandular Fever and the effects of depression and anxiety.

General wellness to encourage the elimination of waste products from the body and boost the immune system.


At The Osprey Clinic we offer therapeutic massage, using organic certified oils from Neal’s Yard Remedies, the first certified organic health and beauty company in the UK.  We are also a point of sale for Neal’s Yard Products. Gift vouchers for treatments can be purchased for

40 minute or 1-hour sessions.

On booking your appointment, we will ask you to explain how you would like to benefit from the therapeutic qualities of your massage treatment. This will enable your therapist to blend the appropriate aromatherapy oils in advance of your session, to suit your requirements.

Our mood-enhancing oil blends are specially formulated by Neal’s Yard Remedies aromatherapy experts from pure, wild-crafted organic essential oils.

These Aromatherapy Oil Blends help us to create a unique oil blend to suit your requirements:

  • Uplifting -  A blend of jasmine and grapefruit renew your optimism and energy.
  • Clarity –  Uplifting rosemary improves your

       mental focus and sharpens the mind.

  • Vitality – Energising ginger and clove, enlivens the body to give renewed vigour.
  • Calming –Soothing lavender calms the skin and the mind.
  • De-stress – Ylang Ylang is sensual, floral and calming.
  • Women’s Balance -  A soft sensual blend to harmonise and balance the emotions.