Custom-made Orthotics

If you have unresolved symptoms and a practitioner has not looked at your feet, the true origin of your problem has not been fully investigated.  At The Osprey Clinic we evaluate how body-wide symptoms may actually be related to the feet and the way we walk.

Many symptoms result from a faulty pattern of walking, termed the ‘gait’. Subsequently, muscle and joint overload occurs as the body struggles to compensate.  This causes stress and strain throughout the spine, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles. Foot deformities such 

as dropped arches and bunions, as well as toe nail problems, corns and calluses may be visible and cause discomfort and problems in

finding suitable footwear.

The Osprey Clinic is an established Osteopathic Practice where specialist practitioners provide a complete evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions related to the feet and ankles.  We provide podiatry services for orthotics fittings as well as chiropody

Orthotics Assessment

This involves a body-wide postural assessment and foot evaluation, so as to assess biomechanical issues or specific foot conditions which may be at the source of the problem.  This is followed by advanced 3D Optical Laser Foot Scanning and computerized analysis for the most accurate measurement of the contours of the feet.

3D Augmented Foot Scanning Technology

Our state of the art scanners measure thousands of different points of the contours of the feet which facilitates a precise orthotic shell manufacture which is guaranteed for life. 

This system replaces the traditional methods of evaluation and casting which are still being used by podiatrists today, but which produce inaccurate orthotic inserts from materials of a limited life of 3-5 years.

Working in association with Foothealth UK, a specialist supplier of custom-made, hand-finished orthotics, we are in a position to supply orthotics of the highest standards and precision.  Using the latest in manufacturing technologies, we are able to achieve outstanding results, swift turnaround times and a complete aftercare service.

"As a keen and active multi-sportsman, I have had a variety of injuries over the years but wasn’t sure of the cause of my on-going neck and back issues, which often restricted my recovery.

Although other practitioners had given some temporary relief to my aches and pains, Gina John at The Osprey Clinic was able to quickly identify the underlying cause of my symptoms, provide a suitable course of treatments and even an adjustment to my footwear, to resolve them.  Importantly, she gave me specific Pilates-based exercise advice aimed at rebalancing my back and hip muscles, which have been instrumental in helping to manage the problem over the past 7 years.

Gina is a considerate practitioner, with a real understanding of how the body functions and why problems arise.  Her enthusiasm for trouble-shooting biomechanical problems and attention to detail sets her apart in her field."

   Tony Ward, General Manager, PUMA UK Ltd.

Our Product

Our custom-made orthotics, are manufactured polypropylene shells. These can be as rigid or as flexible as required for a patient’s foot type. They can be set to specified widths and depths to fit into a wide range of footwear or designed to address specific foot conditions.

The material is incredibly strong and can last a lifetime.  This combination gives our orthotic shells both unrivalled accuracy and long-term reliability.

The orthotic shell is covered with materials which ensure comfort and longevity, and patients can select from a variety of colours, coverings and mid-layers. Solutions are provided for patients requiring anti-bacterial or non-slip surfaces, and additional softness and cushioning for the diabetic foot.

The result of the process of evaluation, selection of materials and bespoke manufacturer is a stylish, discreet and hard-wearing shoe inserts to fit your lifestyle and choice of footwear.


Our Services & Guarantees

  • Confirmation on receipt of orders
  • Prompt 10-14 working day turnaround time
  • Priority orders can be processed within 7 days
  • No additional charges for accommodations
  • Initial adjustments to the orthotic is free of charge
  • Lifetime guarantee on the polypropylene orthotic shell
  • Guarantees on top covers and mid-layer paddings

“Gina at The Osprey Clinic was highly recommended to us by a friend who received great help and advice for severe back problems. I went in late 2013 for ankle wear-and-tear including a rather painful osteophyte. Gina read the results of my MRI scan and explained the damage very simply. She then examined my posture and recommended orthotics, which have been very beneficial. After that, she patiently massaged and exercised the ankle and limb generally every week as well as the knee of the other leg which was a bit ropey and gave me exercises to do. There was already improvement after three or four weeks and after four months, I was able to stop the visits. I have suffered little if any pain in the two and a half years since, go for walks daily and continue the exercises about three times (about 20 minutes) weekly.

Gina’s background and knowledge and understanding of the body’s muscles and joints etc. is second to none and her kindness, ability and genuine wish to help the individual is not often found these days.”

 Retired 70′s, Belsize Park

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